New Novel For Women: Cracks In The Glass

Cracks in the Glass Actual Book Cover

It’s a big deal and a risky business when you decide to switch genres, especially when you’ve become a successful author of fantasy. Still, I don’t wish to be seen as a one-trick-pony and my creative side has been banging its fists inside my head for a while, trying to release new and exciting ideas.  I’ve a whole treasure trove of characters, plots and storylines stored away inside my head, just waiting to be let loose amongst you, and I think Cracks in the Glass is the perfect starter.

I believe creativity should never be shackled, and because of this, I strongly feel that no author should be stuck inside a box, their writing-wings clipped.  Sure, most readers like an author because of the stories they tell, but sometimes I think it’s nice for an author to show themselves in a different light, especially when they feel compelled to do so.

Having been a wife and mother, gaining uncountable life experiences, I thought that perhaps it would be a great idea to write a few of these stories down. Many authors draw on their vast wealth of knowledge to write a great book, whether those memories are good or bad. Not that what happens to Mia has happened to me, but what I can say is that I have experienced some of the trauma this young woman suffers.

This new book of women’s fiction has been a welcomed chance to stretch my tentative fingers and branch out in a different direction. It’s also another way to show the world what I’m capable of as a writer. A way to earn the respect of a different kind of reader, one who enjoys a modern-day story that’s twisted with fateful events and where love isn’t the main focus, yet one that somehow manages to weave itself through the pages like strands of silken thread.

It’s a project that has been on my mind for quite a while. Cracks in the Glass is a novel written especially for women and linked to strong women’s issues. I’d like to think that this new work touches on some of the subjects we still feel uncomfortable revealing to others. However, peering under the cover, you’ll see that my aim is to tantalise you with a story that keeps you reading long into the night.

I’m excited, too. This is a challenge for me. I’m breaking boundaries and learning new skills. Within the pages of this book you’ll meet some pretty unsavoury characters. Then there are those who will enthral you, men and women who will capture your imagination until you are transfixed at every turn of the page, your attention grabbed until you simply have to know…what happened next?

The main character is Mia. She’s young, beautiful and has so much to learn about love and relationships, and about how to live with the fear that someone is out there, wishing to hurt her. She’s already suffered personal tragedy, been physically threatened by her soon-to-be step-brother, but Mia has one thing no one can take from her—Ethan, the new man in her life. That is, until she tells him…“I’m pregnant”.


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A dramatic tale of love and heartbreak, this story gives you an emotional punch. It’s haunting, magical and full of surprises.


Mia Stevens is a young girl on the verge of womanhood. Her mother is about to remarry, but her fiancé comes with serious baggage. His two sons are notorious for being troublemakers, the eldest, Jacob, wanting what he can’t have—Mia and his freedom.

Everything rides on the wedding, but Mia refuses to attend. Jacob sees his chance of a new start slipping away, and to frighten her into being cooperative, threatens her. Terrified he’ll do it again, she runs away to London, where she meets and falls in love with Ethan, a student.

When circumstances force her to attend her mother’s big day, her past comes back to haunt her. Attacked and left unconscious, Mia’s life spirals out of control. A new baby, a lost love and a life entwined with deceit and lies is only the beginning. Dark, suppressed secrets begin to unravel, and the only person who can help save her is a man who’s already dead.


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