New Release: Hoglets’ Birthday Surprise

It’s the Summer holidays.

Hoglets, Prickles and Primrose are busy exploring when they stumble across… a witch!

Terrified she’ll eat them for breakfast, the hoglets prepare to escape but soon realise the witch isn’t scary at all.

Willow the witch is lonely and in need of a friend.

Can the hoglets help her?

If you love Winnie the Pooh you’ll love with the hoglets, Prickles and Primrose, from Briar Wood.

Join Prickles and Primrose on a magical adventure…

Hoglets’ Birthday Surprise

Written by Lynette Creswell

ISBN: 978-1-7396414-0-5

34 Pages with illustrations

Reading age: 6+ years

Prickles and Primrose meet a witch!

But aren’t witches scary?

All will be revealed in this delightful tale of friendship.

Hoglets’ Birthday Surprise  is sure to be a family favourite year after year.

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What do teachers say about Hoglets’ Birthday Surprise?

Review from Roshni Dsouza  – Teacher  

We first met Primrose and Prickles in the first book of this series, Hoglets’ Christmas Magic. In this second standalone story, as the hoglet siblings walk into the woods, they encounter a strange new house made of candy canes and heart-shaped biscuits. When they discover that it belongs to a witch, they almost bolt away in fear. To their surprise, the witch isn’t just friendly but also lonely. Aside from making a mess of her attempts to reach out in friendship, Willow the witch has no one to celebrate her birthday with. (ahh)

Hoglet duo to the rescue!

As in the first book, this story too covers some wonderful themes, the most important being how we should not jump to conclusions based on appearance. This is such a relevant lesson especially in today’s world, where passing judgements based on first look is de rigeur. The book teaches kids that things aren’t necessarily as they appear and that they should use their common sense even more than their eyes or ears.

Willow the witch is an unusual character and kids will surely enjoy interacting with a friendly and clumsy witch who is fabulous at magic. The book is written in a simple storybook format, with there being an illustration on one side of the book and full-page text on the other side. The book is text-intensive and younger readers might need adult guidance in reading it.  The language level of the book is quite simple though, so it ought to be manageable for readers aged six onwards.

Overall, a short and sweet story with adorable characters and a worthy moral.

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By day, Lynette Creswell is an editor of short story writing, a competition judge and mentor at Hammond House Publishing. By night, she is Lynette E. Creswell, a multi-genre author whose first children’s book Hoglets’ Christmas Magic was published August 2021. The second book in the series, ‘Hoglets’ Birthday Surprise’ is due out 6th October 2022.