Hoglets Tee-Shirts

Hoglets – Prickles & Primrose Tee-shirt.


Our hoglet tee-shirt is loved amongst little ones and parents for being easy to ‘throw on’ and layer up in the winter months. Now as part of our official collection of ‘The Hoglets’ these tee-shirts are a wardrobe winner.

And if that wasn’t enough a hoglet tee-shirt makes the perfect accompaniment to Hoglets Christmas Magic.

Made with 100% polyester, you can wash without the picture fading.

It’s machine washable / Tumble dry on a low heat / Iron on a low heat. 

Size Available:

Children’s Sizes:

3/4 years, 5/6 years & 7/8

Price (UK only):

£8.99 each + P&P = £11.00

Contact Lynette with the size tee-shirt you require via her email:

Creswelllyn@aol.com and to confirm payment – Thank you.

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