Cat Thief and Other Short Stories for Adults

I confess it’s been quite a while since I published any of my work. My interest as a writer moved from writing novels to creating short stories and I’m sure many of you are wondering why the sudden change of heart. Well, I wanted to see if I could write a good short story and get it published.

You may find this a surprising statement but for me, I find short story writing far harder than writing a novel. On the surface, there is an understandable assumption that short stories are far easier to write because they have fewer words. It is also argued that short fiction tells part of a story rather than dealing with the whole thing, making the writing goal simpler to achieve. Personally, I disagree and believe short story writing is an art.

A short story writer has fewer words to set the scene and weave the plot. It’s intense work getting it right. A writer must be quick to engage with the reader and draw them in. Readers wish to feel the emotions of the characters as they live each and every moment. The writer’s task is to evoke such emotions and make readers care about the characters. The writing must be good enough that the reader believes in the story even if it’s pure fantasy. And words must never be wasted. Every word has to count. To quote William Faulkner: ‘You must kill all your darlings.’ The reader wishes to go on a journey that may only last a short period of time so it has to be worth their while. A short story is usually anything from 1000 – 7,500 words but can sometimes be extended to 10,000. A short story writer needs to make every word count.

Research has shown that short stories are becoming more popular, largely due to present-day distractions causing shorter concentration spans, along with dyslexia suffers who find them easier to read. Short stories are great to enjoy with a coffee too or when you have five minutes to spare. Whatever the reason you can’t beat a good short story.

Cat thief Amazon cover

My new collection is diverse, dark-humoured, and deliciously bite-sized. A compelling collection of 7 thought-provoking and humorous short stories to keep the reader reading long into the night. You’ll find some of the stories have been previously published in magazines and anthologies. The collection is engaging, the characters linger in your mind and are the perfect companion for any fiction lover.

Cat Thief and other Short Stories

Table of Contents…

  1. Cat Thief: When a modern-day witch’s love potion goes wrong, she doesn’t want to put it right. But why? (First published in Scribble Magazine – 2020).
  2. Forty Years Too Late: We all keep secrets from loved ones but sometimes skeletons don’t lay hidden forever.
  3. Seventeen Pound and Thirty-Four Pence: An act of kindness from the last person you expected. (Shortlisted for Writing Magazine 2019).
  4. Lonely-Hearts: Love hits you when you least expect it.
  5. Glimpse into the Future: A young Romany gypsy has foresight. After dreaming the murder of a young woman, can Rosa decipher the clues in time to save a life? (First published by Hammond House Publishing – 2019).
  6. Close Call: A duty firefighter is called to a house to coax a jumper down off a roof.
  7. Orange Truffle Surprise: Revenge is a dish best served cold. Especially when your husband is caught having an affair.

I hope you enjoy the collection and look forward to hearing which of the stories are your favourite(s).