Lynette Creswell – Interview


So tell us about the Magic Trilogy and the world it is set in.

The magic trilogy begins with Sinners of Magic. The story unfolds in a world parallel to our own, a place where immortals are forbidden to procreate with anyone other than their own kind. Amella and Bridgemear, secret lovers within the realm of Nine Winters, are betrayed by someone they trust. This has devastating consequences when Amella is found to be carrying the magician’s child. The Elders banish the newborn babe to the land of mere mortals and Amella is forced to allow her daughter to be raised as a human.

Years pass and dark and troubled times descend upon the Elf realm. Amella’s child whom she named Crystal is now sixteen years old and using old, forbidden magic. The King of the Elves sends an envoy, a shape-changer, who tricks her into believing if she…

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