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Hi everyone, today’s special guest is a vampire author whose  Eventide series will have you running to the kitchen to find that string of garlic!

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Simon’s Genre is: Dark Fantasy/Horror (An excerpt of one of Simon’s books can be found at the bottom of the page)

Simon’s Website:

Simon’s Bio …

Simon. W. Best has a degree in art BA (hons) and has always been interested in dark fantasy and horror since adolescence. His interest in vampire books grew from Dracula and developed through to the good times of The Lost Boys to the serious questions raised about immortally from Interview with the Vampire. While the rise of vampire fiction climbed through the charts with action adventure titles such as Blade, Underworld and the teenage series Twilight, among others, Simon continued writing, confident his own vampire series would find their place amongst an already busy market.

Simon lives in Newcastle (England) with his girlfriend, along with their cat. A lover of fender and Gibson guitars, Simon spends his time off painting and in the gym thinking about his next book.


Book Blurb For Eventide Lost in Darkness (Book #1 of the Eventide Vampire Series)

MURDERED on her wedding night.”
“BETRAYED by her sister.”
“FORCED to make a deal with the Devil to become a vampire.”
“LOST in darkness . . .”

By the hand of her jealous sister Lucinda, Jennifer Sal Vinci is thrown into a dark dangerous world she did not choose. The vampire houses of New York are at war. They police the cities, looking for stray vampires to wipe out permanently. Jennifer must battle her own demons if she is to survive when all else crumbles before her like the shifting sands of time. Her true maker holds the key to her survival, but will she have the courage to follow her heart?

In Pennsylvania, Green Hill Lakes, three people go missing, feared dead. There is something sinister about this quiet mountain town. Why have routine disappearances been accepted for so long? As the mysteries surrounding this sleepy town unravel, you are dragged into a world far darker and ancient than you could have ever anticipated. But when a new Sheriff James Hall arrives, his family get caught up in the web of lies ranging back over hundreds of years. He must fight back against the town and demands answers to the terrible questions that everyone is too afraid to ask. But will his sense of duty be at the cost of the ones he loves?

Intertwining conflicts bring two worlds crashing together with deadly consequence . . .

My Interview With Simon

Q1. What was the first piece you ever wrote?

A1. The very first I wrote was a small vampire series called “Jennifer” I wrote these in exercise books I “borrowed” from school. It was a trilogy. At the time I was very proud of it.

Q2. How much do you feel you’ve improved in the last few years?

A2. I’ve improved so much over the last five years. I’ve learnt so much about the art of writing. I know more than I did last year, and I will continue to learn. One of the best things about social media is that we’re all in the same boat. I always try and help out fellow indies and FB friends without hesitation, whether it be my opinions about covers or plots, I’m willing to share what I’ve learnt.

Q3. Where do you get most of your ideas?

A3. When I’m away from my writing desk. Sometimes the ideas flow in the shower or the train when I’m commuting to work, even driving or on the bus. Anywhere except the computer! Or perhaps just as I’m about to fall asleep.

Q4. What is your favourite theme or element in writing?

A4. Something with a social element. Something where questions need answering. In my first book in my Eventide vampire series, Lost in Darkness, I deal with the loneliness of immortally. I think you need to add humour to make people relate, but a touch of darkness is always needed to explore the human condition.

Q5. What is your favourite place for thinking?

A5. A park with lots of flowers and sunshine. Sit on a bench and dream away.

Q6. How old were you when you first started writing?

A6. I started writing at around 11-13yrs. I only took it seriously after I finished Uni. After a shoulder op I was unable to use my left hand. So I dug out my old Jennifer books and read them. I made the third one the first book in my Eventide series. It took eight years off and on to get right!

Q7. Why do you think your writing is so dark?

A7. I write with the perspective of a vampire. In my books I invented a power called the Darkness. It’s what binds all vampires to the night. The older ones have full reign over it’s power but there is a price. The new ones are weaker. But it all depends who turned you. I add dark humor to break up the more serious chapters. It’s a balance.

Q8. What is your favourite thing that you’ve written?

A8. In Crimson Darkness Jennifer’s sister Lucinda makes an appearance. Writing about Lucinda was tremendous fun! She’s closer to the Darkness, so less inclined to not kill a cop just for the hell of it. My favorite scene in Crimson is chapter 12. LOVE that scene so much. It plays on Lucinda’s playful side.

Q9. Who is your favorite character(s) in any of your works?

A9. Jennifer Sal Vinci. She’s my main character in my vampire series. Even though I loved writing Lucinda’s parts in Crimson, my heart still remains with Jennifer. She’s a good girl deep down . . .

Q10. What scene in your writing has made you laugh the hardest or cry the most?

A10. There is a scene near the end of book two that makes me laugh every time. I can’t tell you as I will spoil it. But what I will divulge is it’s a line of dialogue and it creases me up every time. It’s a play on a famous Scarface line.

Cry? I feel a character’s pain near the end of Lost in Darkness. A confession before everything goes to hell. It’s been building up since the beginning. Its dialogue also but it’s powerful nevertheless.

Q11. How do you beat out your writers block?

A11. By knowing when to stop. When a storyline demands it. I’m terrible for working too hard. I hardly take breaks and I sometimes write until I’m burnt out. Everyone should take breaks. A walk, a cup of coffee or tea – anything to get you away from the screen. But the BEST way I’ve found to beat writers block is to plan your work, know where you are going. I spent many years being a pantster, (writing without a plan) and I’ve pushed myself into many corners and thrown out thousands of words because they didn’t fit.

The way I see it is if you have a basic outline, it doesn’t have to be detailed, just the first ten chapters beaten out then you have your road map. And like in life, if you decide to go down a different road that’s more power to you. Everyone is different. I used to write at night. 10pm until 5am maybe 6am. Because it was dark and everyone was in bed. It all depended what job I was working, but when I was recovering from my shoulder op, I lived like a vampire. Typing one word at a time. On my days off I try to rest but I always end up back editing . . .




(Present day)


The lonely Union flag moved in the breeze on the roof of the British museum, as the midnight hour drew closer. Two dark, hooded figures approached the building in silence, their long black leather coats scraping its steps as they ascended.

Decorative lamps framing the giant entrance fluttered erratically. Pulsing like fading heartbeats, they burnt out, draping the archway in darkness. The menacing shapes paused for a moment at the main door before disappearing inside.

A security guard bolted the heavy wooden door with urgency, giving a nervous glance over his shoulder to the new visitors waiting in the shadows.

The man stepped forward to speak, uneasy, but the first figure lunged forward, clasping his neck, lifting him effortlessly with one hand.

The guard choked back words, toes grazing the floor. He struggled unable to prise himself free, his wide stare connecting with the callous auburn jewels burning within the blackness of the hood.

The second figure cracked a threatening smile, quickly lost with a shake of her head. A secret understanding passed between the two. The first released her iron grip with a nod of allegiance, letting the man fall hard to the floor.

“I’ll-ll show you where it is!” he spluttered, fearful, scrambling to his feet. Hurrying on ahead, he guided them through the exhibition, stopping in front of a rare collection of medieval swords on loan from overseas.

The anxious guard watched the leading figure step forward with anticipation, placing her marble-white hand upon the thick safety glass.

At last . . .” a voice whispered from within its hood.

“Be careful, it’s alarmed—” he blurted as the glass shattered unexpectedly. He dropped for cover, holding his head in panic.

The leader removed a broad double-edged blade from its jagged prison, both figures unfazed by this use of dark power.

She held its weight in front of her face by the leather hilt. A white palm with a silver ring on her finger drew slowly down the steel blade for inspection. “Beautiful . . .”

“What’s so important about this sword anyway?” the guard asked disturbed by the unexplained incident. A fierce look by his attacker quickly silenced him. Conversation was not the arrangement.

The guard glanced around, shaking off a passing shiver. “So . . . err . . . when do I get paid?” he inquired, avoiding the aggressive hungry eyes of who had restrained him.

The figure with the sword stepped forward and placed an icy hand upon his unshaven face. He flinched, uncertain for a moment, while the other watched with anticipation, unafraid.

“Now . . .” she whispered seductively; two bright green eyes filled with resentment. “You die.”

A jolt of pain paralysed him. He gasped helplessly, as her sub-zero touch stole his breath. Veins rushed to the surface like twisting black snakes. With a face full of hate she plunged the sword, leaning deep into a savage passionate kiss, drinking the sweet flow from his bloody lips. Once satisfied, she withdrew her sword and took a step back.

Both figures watched with delight. The dead man fell, his body now a dried corpse.

The cloaked phantoms returned to the entrance in silence, but stopped in front of the main doors. They waited at the ready, both sensing building danger; a thick tension, impending, in the air.

Within moments the doors burst open. “ARMED POLICE!” a Sergeant shouted, his MP5 machine gun at the ready. “PUT THE WEAPON DOWN!” he commanded, whilst his Metropolitan Police team spread out, keeping the suspects covered.

The hooded women were unaffected. Their mouths spread into sharp smiles of warning, enlarged canines framing perfect white teeth; their own vulgar display of power.

“I will not tell you again,” the Sergeant cautioned, as he caught a few unsure glances from his men as they held position in a tight half circle. “Put your weapon down . . . or we will shoot you!” he ordered, trying to control the situation, now unsure ofwhat they were dealing with.

Without warning, the leading figure leapt forward, throwing her sword, towards the armed threat. It swung out in a wide arc, hitting the row of police within seconds. A pallid hand caught the leather handle when the blade returned at speed, as if by magic. With satisfaction, she watched the decapitated bodies slump to the floor like dominos, now in bloody heaps.

Charlie one-Charlie one . . . respond, I repeat, respond—” quacked the radio at their feet, before it short circuited, burnt out by the unknown.

The midnight hour rang out in the distance from Westminster Abbey, as the assassins walked out of the museum’s entrance into its cool dark night, unfazed by the assault. Thunder grumbled within the heavens.

Lucinda Sal Vinci looked out into the darkness, feeding off the night’s power. Fortune had smiled down upon her at last.

Under a lightning-lit sky, she vowed, “I’m coming for you, my sister.” A menacing smile sealed her promise.

She walked on ahead, followed closely by her shadowy accomplice, as she returned to the night to fulfil her destiny of revenge.

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TWITTER- @Swbestwriter




Eventide Lost in Darkness (Book #1 of the Eventide Vampire Series)

Eventide Crimson Darkness (Book #2 of the Eventide Vampire Series)


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  1. Simon is another of my favorite Authors loved his book1 and also got his book 2, keep it up Simon xx

  2. I have read both books in the EVENTIDE series that Simon has written. This was a completely new genre for me. After reading through the first half of book one, Lost in Darkness, I was completely hooked. I just recently finished Crimson Darkness. I got very attached to these characters, as they took me on a journey I have never been on. I never expected this, what a wonderful surprise. I hope everyone that reads them will enjoy it as much as I have. Now to wait for the next in the series. I will just have to go back and reread the first two while I am waiting.

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