Winning The ‘Write On’ Competition and Meeting Actress Julie Peasgood



There aren’t many times when I’m speechless but when I found out that I was one of the winners of the new TV show ‘Write On’ series, it was certainly one of them.

The idea behind the show was to create a new kind of ‘Jackanory’ which would be for grownups. Julie Peasgood came up with the idea one day when she was driving in her car. She was fed up of listening to the radio and just wanted to listen to a good story instead.

‘I didn’t want to stop off and buy a full blown novel at the service station,’ she explained, ‘I just wanted a nice story to listen to whilst I was driving.’

Julie then approached Julia Thompson who is the TV producer of East Coast Productions. Julie said, ‘Julia grabbed the baton with both hands and turned my idea into something wonderful. She suggested we held a competition in which we invited local authors to submit their stories of 3,000 words or less.’

I’m proud to say, I was one of those authors who entered the competition and I waited for the closing date at the beginning of March with anticipation. I didn’t dare hope for one second that my story would be chosen. After all was my writing really good enough to be read out on TV?

The days ticked slowly by and I was browsing through my mobile phone at the hairdressers when I received an email from Julia asking me to ring her. As soon as I read the email I was dialling her number totally oblivious to my surroundings. When Julia answered and explained to me that I was one of five winners, I was ecstatic. I began moon walking around the hairdressers with my foils still in my hair! Everyone began laughing and the mood changed to one of merriment when I explained what had just occurred.

On Wednesday evening, I was invited to the Creative Hub which is located in Freeman Street, Grimsby. This is where anyone either working or interested in media or the arts can visit to network with similar people. Julie and Julia attended the event to discuss their new venture. However, what I didn’t realise was that Julie knew that I was in the room and when she had finished her speech about the competition, she explained to the audience that one of the winners was actually sitting amongst them for which I received a round of applause.

I was embarrassed but thrilled never the less. To have won the chance to see one of my short stories made into a narrated film by Julie Peasgood simply knocked me off my feet …

Last night, I went along to a meeting with Julie and Julia to meet the other 4 winners who will also have their stories turned into film. I found we were a real mixed bag and we all listened to Julie telling each of us about the fun she has had during filming. This made us all the more excited about what was yet to come. I found Julie to be very relaxed in our company which in turn made us loosen up. She is bubbly and bright and very good company. Nothing fazes her and she insisted on everyone telling the group their version of how the stories came about which was really fascinating.

My story which is called, ‘The Generation Game’ is about a lovely lady who suffers from slight Dementia however the story is not a sad one, actually, far from it. The story was filmed in someone’s living room and also locally on St Peter’s Avenue, Cleethorpes. Another of the stories has garden gnomes in it (Julie loves garden gnomes by the way) but it sounds like a rather sinister tale with lots of hammers and dastardly deeds …


One of the stories is a little spookier as something happens to a tree stump when lightning strikes! There will be Vikings in another story and the series wouldn’t be complete without a tale concerning the seaside. There’s lots to see and hear but don’t fret you haven’t missed anything yet. All the stories will be on TV in the next couple of months and as soon as I know the exact time and date I will be sure to let you all know.


Thank you Julie and Julia for giving local writers this wonderful opportunity. I myself simply cannot thank you enough!


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