Are You Turning Into Your Mum?




It’s something we all dread and let’s face it, it’s bound to happen sooner or later. It might not be today or even tomorrow but then suddenly, out of nowhere – Wham! You start saying those cringe worthy statements that used to make you roll your eyes with contempt as a teenager.

For me, it first started when I had my own children. I can still remember the very first time I opened my mouth and my mother spoke instead of me … I was horrified! As a teenager I had often argued with my mum until I was blue in the face, claiming that she was being unfair, yet here I was, standing in front of my child, repeating her word for word like a flaming parrot!

The hardest thing of all is admitting she was right – about pretty much everything!!

Grrr! As a teenager you always want to prove your mum wrong because ‘she doesn’t understand you’. Your parents are aliens, arriving from another planet and you don’t have anything in common – not at all!

Apparently, mums only wish to spoil your fun! Make you go to bed early and stop you partying all hours. They worry about you all the time and of course they only do this to try and make you feel guilty. You’re young, who cares that you were supposed to get home three hours ago and why did mum have to wait up until you arrived home safely? Clearly she doesn’t realise how you’re all grown up and you can look after yourself?

Then one day, the inevitable happens you start to understand why your mum did the things she did. You start to appreciate the fussing and the nagging. Those words of warning begin to make sense and you start to see the world through her eyes.

Is it a blessing or is it a curse? Perhaps it’s a bit of both. To be honest, I would give anything to have my mum here today, telling me to get my coat on or I’ll catch my death! Those endearments that drove me to distraction all those years ago are what make me smile today and those cherished memories will stay with me forever.

Of course, as I am getting older, I notice a lot more of her characteristics in myself and some of them are certainly not what I would wish for.

Here are 8 indicators that you’re turning into your mum!

  1. You worry more
  2. Begin stocking up on groceries
  3. Start going to bed earlier and earlier
  4. Become more outspoken
  5. Suffer an increase in flatulence (apparently so, but so far I have skipped this stage I’m relieved to say)
  6. Talk to yourself a lot more
  7. Look in the obituary column of the local paper for anyone you know
  8. Reminisce about the ‘good, old days’

So there you have it! However, there is some comfort in all this. Did you know a 3rd of Brits say their mum is the most inspiring person in their life? Mums are great! In fact mums are fantastic and without them most of us wouldn’t be the people we are today.

With Mother’s Day looming this Sunday, let’s really celebrate this special event! Thank your mum for being there for you each and every day and don’t forget to tell her she’s doing a great job. It doesn’t matter to her that she is doing the hardest role a woman will ever have to do because she loves you. She will probably have made sacrifices to try and give you the upbringing she feels you deserve and her only wish will be for you to be happy.

Go on, be proud, and turn into your mum!