Avoid Disaster This Christmas!

Yesterday I decided to start writing out my Christmas card list. I like to post most of my cards out on the 1st December and with this date fast approaching I thought I had better get a move on. On writing my first card, I went to lick the envelope and … ouch! Managed to give myself a paper cut right across my face. I wasn’t the least bit pleased but it got me thinking about the accidents that occur during Christmas. Of course, for most of us Christmas will be full of festive fun but for others it’s just an accident waiting to happen.

The statistics offered by the NHS state that 80,000 people will be injured this Christmas. Hundreds will cut themselves when opening presents with knives. Others will stab themselves when using scissors to assemble toys instead of using a screwdriver.
Many people will trip over toys or electric cables when rushing to switch on their new computers. Some people even break their arms by pulling crackers! I was shocked at reading all this so I decided to write a blog which I hope will help avoid certain disasters by highlighting a few areas which we sometimes overlook.

christmas tree

The Tree

Let’s face it, we are all extremely busy people at this time of year and therefore are more likely to take risks or do things we wouldn’t normally do. Did you know, more than 1,000 people are expected to be treated after falling whilst decorating the Christmas tree? So much for looking forward to putting the tree up! Remember, although children love to help decorate the tree, many small children are injured when they bite glass baubles. Please supervise your children when they are ‘helping’ and always keep glass baubles away from the lower branches of your tree. When you buy your fairy lights, make sure you use ones which carry the CE Mark, always unplug them before changing burnt out bulbs and always turn them off before going to bed or leaving the house.



Candles are very popular at Christmas; they have a soft glow that warms the heart but keep candles away from Christmas tree decorations, blow them out before going to bed and check your fire alarm is working.

christmas plant

Christmas Plants

Did you know mistletoe is poisonous? Its berries contain toxic proteins that slow the heart rate and can cause hallucinations. The orange berry of the Christmas cherry can cause severe stomach pains and the Christmas rose will cause diarrhoea. This rose was once used by the Greeks on their enemies so whatever you do, don’t digest.

christmas dinner

The Kitchen

Keep everyone out of the kitchen as much as possible. The kitchen is always a hive of activity especially on Christmas Day but the more people who loiter, the more likely someone will suffer a burn or scald.



Christmas is one of the most stressful times of year. The combination of drink, relatives, lack of sleep and the stress of Christmas shopping/cooking/hosting can sometimes be phenomenal. Try to find some alone time, even if it’s just having a relaxing bath. Learn to say no to the demands of family and friends and try not to suppress your emotions. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and you have a close friend then confide in them, don’t bottle it all up or you may explode better than a firework at New Year!

Hope some of these tips help to stop your Christmas being ruined and whatever you do have fun! (but keep one eye open – just in case).

Merry Christmas Everyone!