Ice Cream And Polar Bears


What two things which are associated with the cold automatically spring to mind that warms your heart? For me the answer is easy. Of course my first thought is always for my tummy. I adore all types of food so on asking myself this very question my mind wandered straight over to the freezer. For me, if I’m ever watching a movie, sitting alone or just enjoying a little sunshine, I find myself sliding open the drawer which holds my favorite dessert, Dairy Ice Cream.  There’s simply nothing like it. The creamy texture slides down my throat far too easily and if there’s a little raspberry ripple snaking its way through the centre, well, that’s just bliss. I adore the cold sensation on my tongue and enjoy that numb feeling when you’ve eaten too much of it. It’s no wonder I’m always moaning about my weight. I am not a greedy person by any means of the imagination and I am always happy to share. My son loves the stuff too and if he’s staying in with me, he will find his favourite ice cream spoon (yes there is such a thing) and dig in until it’s gone.

Many years ago when my children were small and my husband was still in the forces, stationed in Germany, we used to cycle to the nearest village and visit the ice cream parlor. It was awesome. There were so many delicious ice creams to choose from that I always found it hard to pick a favourite. There were many variations of different ice creams on large picture boards to see which all made your mouth water the minute you clapped eyes on them. For young children there were so many ice creams to choose from shaped into popular characters such as Ninja Turtles’, Charlie Bear and the delectable Pinocchio displayed with a long caramel stick nose.

Trying to think about something else, I finally managed to move away from food for my second idea of something cold yet warming, (yes, before you ask it was quite a difficult task) however, my mind soon filled with thoughts of ice and snow to favour a creature from the animal kingdom. I think because I love all critters, big or small (this does not include spiders or daddy long legs I hasten to add) that my mind travelled off to the arctic where beautiful white Polar Bears roam. I truly adore these creatures. Yes, I know they’re dangerous (well they are wild animals) but I find there is something truly alluring about them. Perhaps it is because they are so dangerous I am intrigued by them? To watch them play gives you a false belief that they could be perhaps become domesticated and petted like a dog or cat, fooled by how they are perceived. One woman visiting Berlin Zoo actually jumped into an enclosure of Polar Bears and swam out to them. In seconds she was being mauled and was only lucky to be pulled out alive thanks to six keepers who distracted the Polar Bears with a barrage of fresh meat. We must all respect these wild creatures however there is nothing more adorable then a new Polar Bear cub (I have added a link to a baby polar bear and I bet the first thing you say when you almost weep with pleasure is: ‘Aww, so cute.’

So what can you think of that is cold yet warming? Go on surprise me!