Do Dogs Really Look Like Their Owners?

Hilarious pawtraits that prove owners really do look like their dogs  1[1]

Being a dog owner myself, I have often pondered over this question and many people including scientists have noticed that quite often dogs really do look like their owners. It’s a strange phenomenon which has inspired books, long debates, contests and even scientific studies.

Some people believe the reason why owners look like their pets is because people gravitate towards other people with whom they share an affinity; so it stands to reason that when pet owners choose their new pooch they will look for the one they feel they have some kind of connection with. Sometimes the connection can be when the dog comes over and licks your hand or even when the little puppy runs to the corner and tries to hide from you.

Psychologically, the new pet owner believes that they understand the characteristics of the dog and it is these either conscious or subconscious decisions that help them to choose and bond with their new pet. Numerous tests have been carried out and proved beyond reasonable doubt that when people pick a dog they also look for one that at some level, resembles themselves and when they purchase a purebred they believe they know exactly what they are getting.

I myself have looked back at my own photographs of when I had ‘big hair’ back in the 90’s and then compared them with snap shots of our Shih Tzu. I can’t help but giggle because we most definitely look a lot alike, (only my dog was very bad tempered unlike me I hasten to add). Now years later, my hair is long and straight and Sammy has gone to doggie heaven and I now own two gorgeous King Charles Cavalier Spaniels with long flat ears and very girly temperaments. Again, I do think there is a resemblance but then again it could just be that I’m not right in the head? Personally, I think it’s uncanny at times just how much a dog can really look like its owner but you may think differently and have already dug deep within your pile of scientific matter to find conflicting evidence?

Either way, I’ll leave this canine debate with you and look forward to reading your comments.

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