Exclusive Book Launch and Interview with Anthony Lavisher – Author of ‘Shadows of a Storm’


I have an awesome series to kick off your Thursday night. The book covers belong to the ‘Storm’ Series by Anthony Lavisher.

Here’s the official description of Book 1 Whispers of a Storm …

The inhabitants of the Four Vales have enjoyed over fifty years of relative peace, since its armies defeated the Reven Hordes threatening their homeland. Under the fair rule and guidance of the high duke its people have thrived and prospered, free from the shadows of war. The Vales are peaceful and the capital city Karick is quiet. But in the gardens of the high duke’s keep, dark plots are whispered and foul deeds are being planned. A humble stonemason falls asleep whilst working in the gardens and upon waking, inadvertently overhears a conversation that plunges him deep into the heart of the coming storm. A young noblewoman is to be kidnapped and used as a pawn. Whispers of a Storm follows both the stonemason and noblewoman’s fortunes as they unwittingly become involved in a dangerous game of survival. A dark storm is about to break out across the Four Vales but who would seek to destroy such harmony?  A tale of political intrigue and high adventure, Book One of The Storm Trilogy follows the fortunes of two individuals, whose personal journey of survival may yet help to save and shape the very future of their homeland.

Here’s the official description of Book 2 Shadows of a Storm …

‘A dark plot to kidnap a Valian noblewoman has been thwarted, her life spared by those who would seek to fight against the rising tide of violence that threatens to shatter the stability and peace of the Four Vales. Saved by those with agendas of their own, Cassana, daughter of the Lord of the North Vales seeks the sanctuary of her home. Danger chases after her ever faltering step, the shadows filled by those who will not allow her to escape a second time. With dark storm clouds gathering over the capital city Karick and the shadowy menace of betrayal lurking in its marble halls, one man has the knowledge that could stop those seeking change, before it is too late. Pursued by those that would silence him the stonemason Khadazin flees southwards, seeking the protection of a monastery, a place where he believes he will be safe, where he can recoup and plan his revenge.

With increased Reven attacks and brittle unrest in the capital, sides will have to be chosen and stances made. Who will rise to stand against those wreaking havoc, who will seek the storm and embrace the chaos starting to take hold? A gritty tale of political betrayal, Book Two of the Storm Trilogy picks up where Whispers of a Storm left off, plunging the reader, once again, deep into the midst of the action, the danger and the adventure.

My Exclusive Interview With Anthony Lavisher

Q1.          Anthony this is such an exciting time because I am well aware that the 30th April is the release date of your second book ‘Shadows of a Storm’. I bet you’re bursting to tell us all about it but before you do can you please tell us a little about your first novel?


Yes, certainly. My first novel ‘Whispers of a Storm’ is a fast-paced, medieval-styled action adventure, set in a land known as The Four Vales. As the first part of The Storm Trilogy, I wrote the book to appeal to anyone who enjoys a good story, despite what genres they might normally read. I balanced the story between the two main characters so that the reader always wants to find out more, almost episodically, with each chapter leaving you wondering what’s going to happen next. Book one centres mainly around a humble stonemason, who, whilst working in the gardens of the high duke’s keep, overhears a plot being planned to kidnap the daughter of a nobleman for unsaid, nefarious reasons. Caught up in the danger that unfolds, the book follows his and the noblewoman’s struggles to stay alive, whilst trying to find out who is behind the machinations that are threatening the Four Vales.


Q2.          I noticed you said that your first book is part of the Strom trilogy, so what can people expect from the sequel ‘Shadows of a Storm’?

Well, without too many spoilers, Book 2 picks up immediately from where Whispers left off – plunging the reader back into the action and excitement. Without going into too much detail, the danger is certainly increased in Shadows of a Storm and, whilst of course, my two main characters are the driving force behind the trilogy, there will be many more characters (some old faces and new ones) stepping into the limelight to take up the fight and resist the storm that is threatening the Four Vales. Things get very serious in the second book and hopefully, by the end of it, the reader will be desperate to find out how the trilogy will conclude… and who will be left standing at the end.


Q3.          Tell us about your characters. How do they dress, what are they like, who is your favourite character?

The Storm Trilogy is a medieval-styled fantasy, so many of my characters dress in the styles from the medieval period, hoods, cowls, coifs, cloaks, studded armour, mail shirts, that kind of thing. The noblemen and women in the story dress as you would expect, far grander than the clothes that the common people wear, draped in finery and adorned by symbols of their status and wealth.

Although there is a class divide, the majority of people in the Four Vales enjoy the peace and prosperity offered to them in the times of peace. But, of course, if you scratch away at the surface…

For me, my favourite character without a doubt is Arillion. A rugged, handsome assassin of cold, calculating ability, he also offers the reader much amusement in Whispers of a Storm, with his dry wit and cutting outlook on life. He’s also proven very popular with my female readers.


Q4.          Where did you find the idea to your story? Did you have to plan it out? How did you do your research?

The first seeds of the idea for Whispers of a Storm came from a conversation I overheard in a local supermarket. Two colleagues were in the next isle over, talking quietly about something. I suddenly thought ‘What if I had actually overheard something really important? Something bad, that I would not know who to tell, or perhaps trust with such information.’ Things started to grow from there really.

Growing up watching Errol Flynn and Tony Curtis films had already endeared me to all things medieval, so when I started writing the Storm Trilogy, I began to read historical non-fiction to aid me in my research. And, of course, there is a wealth of information out there on the internet, which certainly helped me to flush out the day-today life in The Four Vales. Being a fantasy, of course, I based my story loosely in the Middle-Ages and then had fun building the world around those foundations.


Q5.          I’m wondering who or what inspired you to write such a story? Was it another author? Something you read or was it simply a dream you’ve always had?

I have always loved reading other authors tales and, as a child, enjoyed writing them. My real influences came from the movies I watched as a child and, later on in my teens, when I read Lord of the Rings and started playing the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. The inspiration behind my desire to write seriously one day, began to take hold when a friend of mine let me borrow the book ‘Knights of Dark Renown’ by David Gemmell. I had never read a book that was so visual, so wonderfully written and full of flawed, heroic characters. David’s novels had a lasting impact on me.


Q6.          Tell us something fun about yourself!

I’m getting married in May, at a lighthouse.


Q7.          What do you think is the hardest thing about writing a book?

Honestly? For me, it is finding the time – getting a set pattern, a routine that allows you to get on with things. I have managed to finally find that pattern in the last few months and it has made a huge difference in my output.

My main distraction nowadays is the promotion of my work and the countless hours one has to spend trying to get noticed amongst the thousands of other writers out there. It is a necessary distraction and one that comes with the territory of being a writer these days.


Q8.          Who designed your book cover?

My best friend. The talented Jamie Wallis, over at Greywood Publishing.


Q9.          What advice would you give yourself if you could go back in time to when you were about to write your first page?

I think it would be to turn the distracting internet off and get on with things. I would not change what I have written, just perhaps the way I went about writing it… more dedication to my writing hours.


Q10.         Did you do a press release, Goodreads book launch or anything else to promote your work and did it work?

I was a fish out of water when I released Whispers of a Storm. I did do a book signing in Barry Library and The Hungerford Bookshop to begin with, but other than that, no. I was not even aware of Goodreads back then, was not really promoting it on Facebook or Twitter. I intend to be more proactive this time around.

I also intend to do plenty more book-signings in libraries this time, as I want to support them in these difficult times and meet plenty of new readers in the process.


Q11.         Do you have a title for the third and final instalment of the Storm Trilogy?

Yes, I do. It will be called ‘Vengeance of a Storm.’


Q12. Do you have a few words for your readers?

I do, thank you, Lynette. I just want to thank them for their continuing support, their kind words about my writing (which always leaves me humbled and speechless) and for their patience. Shadows of a Storm has taken me three years to write and I hope it was worth the wait and that I have not let them down.

Author: Anthony Lavisher

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