We Wish You A ‘Hogletty’ Merry Christmas

Wow! What a strange year it’s been. We’re still wearing masks and life has most certainly not returned to normal. Yet throughout our adversities we strive to achieve our goals, well aware the pandemic is far from over.

Earlier in the year my focus was on the hoglets. In 2020 I’d hoped to get them published but with Covid-19 in full swing I was advised to wait. And wait I did but by early January it was clear Coronavirus was here for the foreseeable. That’s when I decided it was time to get cracking. Christmas isn’t Christmas without a heart-warming tale and with the pandemic still in full flow, I felt everyone was in need of a little hogletty magic.

You may have heard many times before that writing the story is the easy part and it’s true. Even before the book is published you must start work promoting it. You can’t sit on your laurels hoping people will ‘magically’ see your book and buy it once it’s published. They need to know in advance. In fact by the time the book’s released you want readers desperate for a copy.  

Social Media is undeniably your biggest asset and in today’s society it’s a super power. Vast in its ability to reach people in their own homes, it’s a powerful tool with the capability of reaching millions of people around the world. Most publishers no longer rely on bookshop windows to entice readers. Instead they use the internet to reach their readers globally.

Start small but think big. Once you’ve revealed the publication date to your friends and family make sure your Twitter feed/Facebook is full of posts letting your followers know what’s happening. However, go a step further. Invite bloggers and teachers to read the book before it’s even published with the view of leaving an honest review. These people are extremely important. Their honesty is what guides you and is the reason why I send out ARC’s, (Advanced Reader Copies) in the form of PDF’s or Kindle format. In return, their feedback gives insight into what readers think about your book. This could be vital in your plan to succeed.  

I want to say I’ve been lucky how readers have taken Hoglets’ Christmas Magic to their hearts but it wasn’t luck. It was hard work, oodles of determination and a lot of support from family, friends and social media. I’m grateful for all the support I’ve received from teachers, bloggers, mums, dads, grannies and grandads. Without their help the hoglets wouldn’t be in so many homes to be enjoyed by lots of children this Christmas.

What parents say about Hoglets’ Christmas Magic

Review by Stu Cummins – @TheStuCummins

‘Hoglets’ Christmas Magic is bursting at the seams with exactly that. I read this story to my 3 year old and 1 year old daughters and both of them were transfixed. The older one really engaged with the story and the younger one was drawn to the vibrant and striking illustrations.

As well as providing Christmas spirit in abundance, there’s a really admirable message at the heart of this story: Good deeds go rewarded.

Both Prickles and Primrose are excellent role models who are helpful and supportive to their parents and also Santa himself! Their adventure is charming and we will certainly be re-reading this story in the run up to the big day later this year.

The recommended age range is 6+ but as I said, my daughters were drawn in, engaged and excited by this heart-warming story. It’s really well written and it’s perfectly understandable for young children but isn’t overly simplistic for adults to read. I also see it being a lovely book for young readers to delve in during the festive period. On top of the lovely prose, the illustrations are really beautiful, blending bright colours and artistic style perfectly.’

The last word…or two…

I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank every person who’s supported me and Hoglets’ Christmas Magic. Through your generosity, one pound from each sale of the book will be donated to Happy Hogs Hedgehog Rescue in Lincolnshire.

Thanks to your amazing support, I’ve decided to write a new story about Prickles & Primrose in the new year.

I’ll keep you posted.

Merry Christmas!

Hogletty snuffles!

Lynette  xxx

Lynette Creswell

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By day, Lynette Creswell is an editor of short story writing, a competition judge and writing guru at Hammond House Publishing. By night, she is Lynette E. Creswell, a multi-genre author who’s first children’s book Hoglet’s Christmas Magic is published by White Rabbit Books.