The Magic Trilogy Hits BBC Radio!


Wow! What an amazing week this had been for me. Since the BBC picked up on the fact that The Magic Trilogy has been sent off to Hollywood, it’s simply been a whirlwind of events.

For those of you who haven’t heard, my book, Sinners of Magic, landed into the hands of a London-based film producer last year. Matt Kennard, read the story and loved the two main teenage characters, Crystal and Matt. He went on to say that the other magical creatures in the story, and such realms as The Kingdom of Nine Winters, had a cinematic quality about them.Matt Kennard

He also told me he wasn’t the man for the job, but had contacts in America. With my consent, he was willing to pass the trilogy on. Of course I agreed,- (almost bit his hand off if truth be known). His first contact works within the powerhouses of Hollywood and the second, makes films for TV. So to say I’ve been trying to keep my feet firmly on the ground since then is quite an understatement. I realise this could actually lead to great things; I have a 50/50 chance of the book getting picked up by one of these acclaimed film producers.



BBC Radio Humbersidedavid Burns

On Monday 9th February, I was invited to be a guest at BBC Humberside radio, on the David Burns show. I can’t deny I was a little nervous but I have to admit I really enjoyed myself. I was on air for about fifteen minutes and within that time I was lucky enough to talk about all my books, Hollywood and what it would mean to me if the books were actually made into movies. We also discussed my book The Witching Hour hitting the No 4 spot on the Bestsellers list and knocking Nora Roberts off the top.

Here is the link to the show which remains open for 30 days: 


SineFM  RadioSine3

On Wednesday 11th February, I appeared on radio which is based in Doncaster. I was a guest on David Lane’s wonderful show. There, I was able to talk considerably longer about my books and also my latest novel ‘Clump, A Changeling’s Story’. I found out later that David had read all four novels which was fantastic to hear. He expressed his delight at the thought of The Magic Trilogy being turned into a movie and agreed with Matt Kennard that the books would indeed make terrific viewing on the silver screen.


Here is the link to David’s show: 


BBC Radio Lincolnshiresudip

On Thursday 12th February, I was invited on air once again by the great BBC. This time I was to be guest on ‘The Big Movie Review’ presented by the charismatic Sudip Bhaduri.

The show would discuss new films in the top ten with a special preview of Fifty Shades of Grey. What a blast I had. We not only talked about The Magic Trilogy but we also chatted about current films, old favourites, and books that have inspired me. Sudip was the perfect host and I was very impressed with his knowledge of the movie world, his honesty and his reviews. I think he now has a new listener every Thursday night.

Here is the link to ‘The Big Movie Review’ presented by Sudip:

So what’s my next step I hear you cry? Well, next Wednesday I’m appearing on Estuary TV!