Visit Lincoln’s Christmas Market from 4th -7th December 2014

lincoln 2014Lincoln is in the county of Lincolnshire and is a truly wonderful city steeped in history. The earlier origins of Lincoln can be traced to the remains of an Iron Age settlement and later, the Romans conquered this part of Britain in AD 48. The city of Lincoln has a cathedral, parts of a medieval town, has suffered a civil war and also an industrial revolution.

I always enjoy a day out shopping in Lincoln, but I believe the best time to visit is when the city holds its annual Christmas market. The narrow cobbled streets and quaint Victorian shops automatically take you back to the time of Charles Dickens. With old fashioned lamps and buildings dating back hundreds of years you could just close your eyes and expect to hear Scrooge mumbling in your ear, ‘humbug’.

12th Century ‘Jew’s House’ – * Click the Picture to see the Lincoln Market’s New Trailer!
12th century Jew's_House,_Lincoln<

There is plenty to see before you get to the market itself. There are delicious tea rooms, antique shops filled with fascinating curiosities, book shops galore which will keep you enthralled for hours and of course restaurants fit for a King (or Queen). The Christmas market is such a huge event that a special team have to organise it each year and coaches/buses are waiting for you just outside the city so you can ‘park and ride’ without the stress of finding somewhere safe to leave your car. This also means that most of the streets are pedestrianised so it is much safer and more enjoyable for everyone who visits, especially if you have young children.

The smell of Gluhwien, (mulled wine) wafts in the breeze and its delicious aroma is almost intoxicating and helps to make the atmosphere feel rather Christmassy. The smell of warm oranges drifts through the air too, whilst Christmas carols are played, piped through loud speakers, and the outside world is soon forgotten as you walk into the very heart of Lincoln.

Lincoln Market is an exceptional day out. The hustle and bustle of the crowd is happy and jovial, everyone is there to enjoy their day although be warned it can be very busy at times. The actual market itself is held in the courtyard within the walls of Lincoln Castle which makes the market even more appealing. Inside, you will find traditional gifts that are handmade or crafts which are unique and which will have you buying a dozen at a time. There are International stalls too and I even saw furry Russian hats being sold last year and it was so cold I was soon keen to buy one. For those who enjoy a tipple, have you ever tried Sloe Gin? No? Well, there are samples of this alcoholic drink to try, cheese to munch and delicious pies and cakes to fill your rumbling tummies. You can find delicate glassware of angels, sparkling Santas and glittering baubles which will help to fill those Christmas stockings. There is always an abundance of stalls to choose from and the Market goes on until well after dark.

All in all, if you would like a day to remember, which will capture the excitement of the season, then take a trip to Lincoln and create a memorable day that will live with you for years to come.

Lincoln Market 2014 Trailer:

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A two day break to Lincoln Market:

16th Century High Bridge
16th century-High_Bridge,_High_Street,_Lincoln