My New 10 Minute Coffee Break Read: The Witching Hour

the witching hour pic

I’m so excited; my new ‘coffee break’ short story is now available via the Amazon websites thanks to Solstice Publishing. As most of you are probably aware I usually write fantasy novels but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to write in other genres. Of course I could always use a pseudonym (pen name) but I thought that because this is only a short story it wouldn’t upset my fantasy readers. Perhaps I might even gain some new ones – who knows?

The reason why I brought out this story is one of two things. Firstly, I really wanted to show everyone that I am not a one trick pony. You see, authors don’t always get the chance to break away from what becomes their normal routine of writing, and, I didn’t want to get stuck into the habit of worrying about what everyone else thinks.

Secondly, I find that most of us who enjoy reading don’t always have the time to read a full blown novel. However, some would still like to read something a bit more entertaining than what you might find in a weekly magazine.

Most of us haven’t the time to get absorbed into a good story whilst we have a break and a well earned cup of coffee. I’m exactly the same. When I’m at work, I look for something to do with my spare time so I usually scroll down Facebook’s newsfeed or jump onto Twitter just to idle away the minutes. Doing this doesn’t always satisfy my brain and I feel that I suffer from lacklustre; I clearly need something a little more engaging to occupy my mind.

This is when I came up with the bright idea of a light-hearted romance that would lift a reader’s spirits and hopefully amuse them too. I decided The Witching Hour would make an enjoyable 10 minute read and also make those precious minutes count.

It’s fun, it’s amusing and most of all its entertaining.  If you find you have 10 minutes to spare and you would like to read a story with a happy ending then try The Witching Hour and I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

The Witching Hour

by Lynette E. Creswell

Book Blurb

This light-hearted romance tells the story of Stella, a young woman who’s unlucky in love. One night she is invited to a Halloween party by her boss but the dreaded Delores, her spiteful co-worker has been invited too. Delores has her sights set on Harry Dunlop, Stella’s dream man but events are about to unfold that will teach Delores a valuable lesson and allow Stella to finally get to grips with far more than just her broomstick.

Published by Solstice Publishing
Available to buy via and – Priced: $0.99 – £0.77

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