Hi, everyone. I’ve been writing books for many years and I hope you enjoy browsing ‘The Magic Trilogy’ and other stories.

‘Writing is like breathing fresh air. I cannot live without it and I hope my passion shows in my work.’  

Sinners of Magic is the first book of the trilogy. It tells the story of Crystal, a young girl who has a sneaking suspicion she’s not like everyone else her age.

Crystal has no idea that she’s a magical being with powers that will one day be vast.

Unbeknown to her, Crystal has immortal parents who live in a parallel world to our own. On the day of her birth the High Order of the Elders punish her Elvin mother by banishing her newborn child to live amongst the plain folk.

Find out why they made such a shocking decision and what devastating consequences followed.

Read Crystal’s amazing story which leads you into a magical  world filled with intrigue, mystery and ultimate betrayal …

Sinners of Magic EreaderBetrayers of MagicDefenders of Magic

The Magic Trilogy – Stories that lead you into a mystical world of fantasy where magic rules and an evil mage will do everything in his power to stop a young girl from fulfilling her destiny …

One Reader said about Lynette Creswell, Author “… When I read her books I felt I was living each and every moment …”

The Witching Hour (Short Story)
the witching hour pic

Click to Purchase

This light-hearted romance tells the story of Stella, a young woman who’s unlucky in love. One night she is invited to a Halloween party by her boss but the dreaded Delores, her spiteful co-worker has been invited too.

Delores has her sights set on Harry Dunlop, Stella’s dream man but events are about to unfold that will teach Delores a valuable lesson and allow Stella to finally get to grips with far more than her broomstick.

Available via Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk – Priced: $1.33 – £0.99

The Witching Hour is also Available via Audiobook.

Breaking News! Primrose & Prickles are back with yet another wonderful adventure!

Great news hogleteers! Prickles and Primrose are back in the new story ‘Hoglets’ Birthday Surprise’. If you loved Hoglets’ Christmas Magic then you’re in for a real treat. The new book is available via both Amazon and Waterstones (or click the image to purchase). Eek!

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  1. Well sounds good I have to try and find it in south africa. Books are expensive in sa its crazy but I will do my best to try find urs xx

    • Thaks Jenny, it’s very true. I love writing so much that I don’t think I could function properly if I thought there was a limit. There’s something terribly alluring when you can lose yourself in your own writing and I am always miles away inside my own head when I’m not, thinking about my next chaper or plot, much to my husband’s despair!

  2. Sounds very intriguing. My daughter’s always looking for new fantasy, especially books with a female lead (she’s part of the inspiration for my own books). Best of luck to you!

  3. Hi Lynette, I just wanted to drop by and tell you how much I’m enjoying your books. I was lucky enough to be given signed copies of both Sinners of Magic and Betrayers of Magic and I’m loving them! Can’t wait for number 3. Keep writing 🙂

    • Hi Sarah,

      How lovely of you to contact me and let me know how much you are enjoying my stories. I am excited about the last book of the trilogy as I think I have a few startling surprises for you. The book cover should be finished by the 28th of October and then I am just waiting on the editor to get back to me. Once the manuscript is ready, I will be able to send Defenders of Magic off to the publishers, so fingers crossed the book is out for Christmas. 

  4. Hi Lynette
    I’m a presenter on SHCR, a community radio station in North Lincolnshire. I was wondering if you’d consider being a guest on one of shows to talk about your writing.
    Please get back to me if this is something that you’d be interested in.
    David Lane

    • Hi Joanna, thanks for dropping by and showing your interest in my books. I hope Sinners of Magic gives you hours of pleasure and I look forward to hearing what you think to the characters and plot.
      Best wishes,

  5. I was there that day. Loved it. Can’t believe I knocked the camera over though. I’m so clumsy.

    • It was lovely to see you there Emma, and don’t worry the camera was fine. I hope to see you again perhaps when we are in Lincoln, doing our next Author Day on 21st June 2014.

    All three books I loved! Easy reads that keep you griped from the first page!
    As a person with dyslexia I struggle to read and need my mind continually occupied these books do just that!
    ***** five star rating xxx

    • Wow! Nessa, thank you very much for your wonderful comment about the ‘Magic’ trilogy. I hope you didn’t struggle too much with having dyslexia and I hope they gave you hours of pleasure 🙂

  7. Hi,
    I have just got the first book of the magic trilogy out of my local Library to take on Holiday with me. I wanted to read a book which I hadn’t already read about a million times on my over flowing book shelf. I have a real passion for reading and writing and I hope to be a author like you someday. I have only read the first two chapters of the first book and I already feel entwined in the book’s content. I feel like I am there in the library with Crystal. You write so vividly I feel like I am there. I will keep you posted on how I am getting on with your book.

    Thanks Anna

    • Hi Anna,
      What a lovely surprise to see your comment. Could I ask which library you borrowed my book from, (I’m always curious). I really hope you enjoy the story and don’t forget there’s two more books that follow with lots of danger, dragons and more importantly … magic! I really like how you feel you are in the library with Crystal. I strive to always make the scenes in the story as real as possible so you can really ‘live the moment’.

      If you wish to become an author get writing! Put pen to paper or write on your laptop or computer. The most important thing is to let the words flow. Do you live close to me as I am doing an Author Day at the Foundry, Scunthorpe on 13th September where I could give you some useful hand outs and general guidance about writing a story. I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Lynette 🙂

  8. Wow,
    I really didn’t expect to get a reply so thanks so much!!!!!! I got my book from Grimsby Library near Freshney place were I know you have done book signings before as my friend was actually someone who got Sinners of Magic signed!!!! I would love to go to the singing in Scunthorpe although it is my friends birthday on the 13th! I feel a special connection to the characters and feel lost when it is the end!! I really need to find out what happens in the two other books. I will add them to my rapidly growing book list for my birthday!!

    Only one question, why were you surprised to see my comment???

    I really wanted to say that it is lovely that people can contact you about your books as many authors do not get the chance to be told how important your books are to them!!!!! You know you told me too get writing, well I am always writing but all my story’s never ever get finished as I think of something else to write!!! That’s why I admire authors so much as they start something and finish it then people all over the world will admire this peace of writing that is there making them happy because the author never gave up on the story!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much for all the helpful tips

    Anna xxx

    • Hi Anna, I’m sorry I haven’t replied earlier but I didn’t see your comments which is odd as the website is suppose to alert me. Anyway, it was just lovely to read your comments. I’m so pleased that you have taken the characters to your heart and that the book has given you so much enjoyment. As an author that’s all you ever want, to know that someone else found pleasure with something that you created. A story is very personal to you and of course no one likes it if the reader doesn’t connect with it. Thank you for writing such wonderful things and I truly hope that one day, your finish off your story. If you get other great ideas whilst writing, just jot them down and save them for later then go back to your WIP (Work in progress).

      I look forward to you reading the next book in the series, there are a few surprises that might just raise your eyebrows!!! Best wishes always, Lynette xx

  9. oh and one more thing, I really hope Crystal and Matt go down the romantic path!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Is it Matt?)

  10. Hi Lynette, really enjoying “Sinners of magic” and I can’t wait to read the other 2 in the trilogy. Is it sad that when I read the books, I imagine the characters being played by various film stars? E.g Gary Oldman as King Forusian…etc

    • Hi Clare, it’s great to read that you’re enjoying Sinners of Magic. There’s plenty more to come and you’re about to meet a very special character in Betrayers of Magic. I don’t think you’re sad at all! I also think about who would play the characters if the book was made into film. I think Chris Hemsworth would make a great Bridgemear and Jennifer Lawrence could play Crystal.

  11. Theses are all great story of course Clump is my favourite character, and now I waiting for the next book, which I know l am going to enjoy as much as all her other books thankyou Lynette xx

  12. Good to connect with a fellow writer! I saw your message on twitter and decided to respond on your blog. Way to churn out books! I know how hard it is to draft and edit…I went through twenty three edits on my latest. 🙂

  13. I’ve just read Two Kinds of Truth and loved it. Congratulations on your characterisation and plot. You literally blew me away. 😁

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