Budding Authors Living Near Waterside Shopping Centre, Lincoln. Here’s An Event Especially For You!

I am pleased to announce that after the huge success of the writing event in Grimsby, Waterside Shopping Centre, Lincoln are sponsoring an ‘Author Day’ on Saturday 21st June – 10 am until 3 pm. Why not join us and find out how to turn your dream of being an author into a reality!


There’s a saying that states there is a book in all of us. However, getting it written down on paper can quite often be, (excuse the pun) a different story. There are those of us who have toiled for years to finally finish their wonderful creation. Nurturing the pages like a child, until the story flourished and grew into something spectacular.  Now that that the ink has finally dried, perhaps you’re feeling at a bit of a loss and aren’t quite sure what to do with your masterpiece. This is where an ‘Author Day’ comes in very handy.

Tell me more about this event I hear you cry? Well, it’s a day dedicated by author(s) in which they talk about their experiences of the publishing world but more importantly it’s about sharing their knowledge with you. If you have part of a manuscript that you would like to share with someone then why not bring it along to the Author Day? Perhaps we can guide you towards your next step, or if you don’t feel quite so brave, then maybe we can give you some writing tips or simply offer free advice.

Where will you find us? We will be situated inside Waterside Shopping Centre, Lincoln downstairs near the escalators. I’m well prepared! Just in case a whole flock of aspiring writers descend upon Lincoln in their thousands on Saturday. I’m not alone. I have another author by my side to help. Her name is A . E. Murphy (Alex) who has written the book “Broken” which has smashed over 50,000 downloads and her subsequent novel “Connected” is well on its way to being a bestseller. Alex has also written “The Little Bits Series”. We have both traveled on the same rocky road as any new author and we have learned a few helpful tips along the way that we would like to share with you.

We even have FREE stuff to giveaway!

Yes, you can’t beat a freebie and we will have some great information for you to take away on the day so you can study what you have learned at your leisure. The articles will include information as to what are the differences between self-publishing and mainstream publishers, where you can find actual websites that will publish your book, and the do’s and don’ts of creative writing. Neither of us are experts, far from it, but we do have a mountain of experience between us which we would like to share with anyone who needs a little guidance with getting their book published or who simply needs a helping hand.

We will also have sample chapters from our own books to give away and of course you will be able to purchase our books with the opportunity to have them signed by the author. This is not a prerequisite and you do not have to buy a book to ask for help, it is just another part of the ‘Author Day’ and if you would like to come along and chat to us then please do, we are all looking forward to meeting you.

* Please note Alex will only have ebooks available on the day.