This Little Piggy’s Flying Real High!

piggy Okay, I admit it, it’s been a few weeks since I last wrote about my diet. Don’t worry I haven’t given up. I just decided to wait until I had some exciting news I could share  with the world! Well, you guys anyway!

I have had a real trial on my hands since last we met. The fridge has been talking to me in my sleep – YES, IN MY SLEEP! It was more the freezer if I’m honest. It shouted out – ‘ice cream in here, don’t you want some?’ What a stupid question! But I blocked my ears unable to bear the thought of the double chocolate flake sprinkled delight that was in the third drawer down. I threw the pillow over my head and screwed up my eyes, trying to block out the tantalising image of a bowlful of my favourite dessert. To make matters worse I knew there was a pack of three Magnums in the fourth drawer, hidden under the mince beef!

Now some of you are probably saying why didn’t you just get rid of the temptation? Sounds a logical question but the truth is, I don’t like throwing food away no matter what the situation maybe and I have since reasoned with myself that I won’t be on a diet forever – will I? Shoot me now at the mere thought of never tasting chocolate ice cream ever again … So after much sufferance and a severe lack of sleep, the craving has finally packed its bags and like Elvis – left the building. I have to admit it hasn’t been easy but I have been determined to lose the weight this time no matter how long it takes. The truth is that no matter what I might want to eat, I do actually care about what I put in my body and right now I only wish to put in food that will help me look good and burn fat. diet

I wish losing weight was as simple as the above picture shows however, seeing as I’m not into cannibalism I will have to continue to lose weight the old fashioned way which is to eat less, exercise more.  I’m still doing the 2 day diet which is getting harder each week to do. Don’t get me wrong I don’t feel hungry on these days, it’s simply hard knowing I’m going to be eating the same thing, yet again. Still, I’ve persevered and it’s paid off. The weight is SLOWLY coming off and I am very pleased to announce that as of this morning I now weigh: 11 stone exactly!!!

Whoop! Whoop! I’ve been doing the treadmill 3 times a week, although I’ve had an infection this week so I’ve not been running. I would like, at this moment to share with you that I have now lost the GRAND TOTAL of 13 lbs! This means only one more lb to go and I will have lost … A STONE IN WEIGHT!!

Give me a high five! high five

Now I only have 14 lbs to go! That means in 7 weeks time I am going to weigh in at 10 stone and be back to my old dress size of a 12. I simply can’t wait to go into town and buy my outfit for my son’s wedding. I am going to feel so good about myself again and I might even be able to look in the mirror once more!

I will keep you posted and let you know when I reach my target weight. Don’t forget if you are having trouble either with motivation or your own diet or if you just need a little encouragement then give me a shout and we can do this together. Spring is just around the corner and I am determined to get into those little tops I still have hidden out of sight in my wardrobe! It isn’t impossible, it’s just having the willpower to do it and this time I have oodles of the stuff, enough it seems to run the London marathon – okay, well, maybe not that much but I’m sure you catch my drift!

Happy carrot munching everyone and keep your fingers crossed for me!!

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  1. Haha enjoyed reading your diet story,well you maybe dreaming sweetheart but you will have good ones in time, keep up the good work, but remember you have to stay at that weight lol and that is the hardest part, goodluck Lynette xx

    • Hi Rose, you’re right keeping the weight off is going to be the hardest part but as long as I get the wedding out of the way first I can live with it lol xx

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