Hey! Who Are You Calling A Fat Pig?


There’s at least one moment in a woman’s life when she feels it’s time she lost a bit of weight. It could be due to having had a baby or simply after overindulging at Christmas, however, whatever the reason, weight gain still affects the best-willed people in the world.

For me, my excuse for putting on far too much weight recently was due to having abdominal surgery only that was two years ago. Of course, when I first came out of hospital and ended up off work for three months it was understandable that the pounds piled on. I couldn’t do any exercise as I was in pain just walking about the house and the thought of aerobics made me reach for a chocolate biscuit to console myself.

So, the days of lounging around turned into weeks and then months and pretty soon before I knew it I had gained a stone in weight (14lbs). Of course those closest to me said they couldn’t tell but my clothes were starting to get tight and I still didn’t feel fit enough to start running on the treadmill or flogging myself half to death just to lose a bit of weight.

Then the fatal error occurred … My husband and sons (trying to be supportive) said ‘you don’t need to lose weight because we all love you just the way you are.’ Disaster! That was the perfect excuse I’d been waiting for. If my husband and children loved me just the way I was then the pressure of losing weight had suddenly been lifted – what a marvellous feeling!

So, now that I pretty much had their blessing to be myself, out came the crisps, the bars of chocolate and the odd bottle of wine. At this point I would like to say, I’m not a binge eater or drinker. I work all week and save all my treats for the weekend. I love Fridays! Why? Because it’s takeaway night and that means it’s all you can eat! Whilst I’m watching a good movie, out will come all my treats which I have saved for this very moment. I sit on the sofa like the Queen of Sheba with all my treasured treats surrounding me and I’m in seventh heaven. This lifestyle has been going on for almost a year and now I have gained yet another stone in weight. Hardly any of my clothes fit me now although I am loathe to go out and buy new ones. I squeeze into everything, hiding my rolls of fat under baggy jumpers and loose-fitting t-shirts. It’s not a nice sight and I NEVER look in the mirror anymore when I’m undressed. After all, what I can’t see can’t make me feel ashamed.

Then out of the blue something happened to change everything. My friend’s granddaughter came around to visit. Chelsea’s nine years old and starting to have an opinion on almost everything, not to mention she lets you know what’s she’s thinking whether you want to hear it or not. Well, this particular day we were sitting in the kitchen with a nice cup of tea when she suddenly looked up at me and asked, ‘Are you going on diet soon?’

I turned towards her, a McVities digestive biscuit poised in my hand, ready to dunk. ‘I’m sorry,’ I said, having clearly misheard her … ‘What did you just say?’ I glanced at her grandmother whose cheeks were now bright pink and thought perhaps I had better book an appointment with my doctor to get my ears syringed. Chelsea looked at me with her innocent brown eyes and said, ‘I was just wondering if you’re going on a diet because I heard grandma say to granddad that you’re getting as fat as a pig!’


Linda, Chelsea’s grandmother almost choked on her tea and I just stared at Chelsea as though she had said an inexcusable word.

‘Chelsea, apologise at once,’ demanded Linda, looking shamefaced and I stared at my so-called friend and felt a wave of embarrassment wash over me. As the old saying goes … Out of the mouths of babes and I simply shook my head, not knowing where to look!

Looking back, although I can’t deny Chelsea’s comment didn’t hurt, I also knew that Linda was right. I was as fat as a pig and it was clearly time I did something about it. I also understood Linda’s dilemma of being unable to broach the subject with me. Although none of us like to hear the truth, especially when it is about weight, sometimes we need to hear it to make us get back on track. I have been pretty healthy all my life so the last thing I wish to do is cause myself to have heart disease or diabetes. Of course, no one wants to hear that their friends think they are fat but losing weight has to be a personal choice.

After they had both left, I sat down and made a conscious decision. It was time for me to get my act together and start looking after myself properly again. No more stuffing my face, so that very day, out went the crisps, I gave the girls at work the cake and unopened tins of chocolates which I still had from Christmas and began to plan my diet. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but determination is my trump card. Once I make my mind up that’s it and Chelsea’s comment was all the motivation I needed. Now, two weeks in, I’ve lost 6lbs and although I still have a fair way to go, by the time my son gets married in April I hope to have lost a stone and a half.

Every week for the next couple of months I will let you know how I’m getting on with my diet and if those of you out there reading this are in the same boat and wish to support me then please do and I will support you right back.

2014 is going to be the year I get back into my old jeans. Firstly, I’m trying the 2 day diet which pretty much means eating no carbs for 2 days a week and just eating fairly healthily for the rest of the week. I’ll keep you posted as to how I’m doing but I’m sure with a little encouragement I will start to lose the weight. Of course I’ve cut out all the junk food and alcohol and eating more fresh fruit and fibre and starting this Thursday I will begin walking on the treadmill until I can start running. I know I’m no way obese but I still need to lose weight.

Cheer me on guys as much as you can and let’s do this!!!

All comments welcome.

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  1. well Lynette you look fine to me, but ofcause it depends where the weight is going, so if you feel you need to do it, l am with you all the way, goodluck xx

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