Jingle, Jangle, Sleigh Bells Dangle


The lights of the Christmas tree sparkle with cheer,
‘tis the magical season, that special time of year.
With reindeer, presents and Santa’s red suit,
there’s a mountain of goodies and sherry to boot.

Christmas is Coming …

I think Christmas is a truly magical time of year. It’s the season which brings out the best in people, a time which allows us to show friends and family, how much we really care. There are, of course, all those wonderful traditions that mean so much to us, such as decorating the Christmas tree, making a delicious fruit cake and not to mention devouring that mouthwatering Christmas Dinner.

Such traditions are held close to our hearts and when we become much older they also become some of our most treasured memories. Back in the day, before mobile phones were permanently stuck in our sweaty palms, the camera would come out from its dusty hiding place especially for the occasion. After a few Sherries it would appear as if by magic in my grandma’s hand, and, adorned with our bright paper hats, both myself and my granddad would grin like Cheshire cats, surrounded by party crackers and left over turkey. Those golden moments were sealed forever with a click of the shutter and became memories we would never forget. We probably wouldn’t see the photographs until the following June, not until the ‘roll of film’ had all been used up on someone’s wedding or a relatives christening. This made the event twice as exciting when we finally got the photographs back after sending them away to be developed, (which took weeks I might add). Once we got those precious photos back, we would gather the family and make an evening of it. Out would come the Sherry, the bottles of beers or even a production line of tea and we would re-live Christmas day all over again – smashing!

Of course, the presents were very different to the ones our children receive today. There was no Xbox, Wii or any computer games for that matter. Instead we had the pleasure of board games such as Mouse Trap or Kerplunk! Once we’d eaten our much anticipated, glorious meal (always followed by a mountain of washing up), the real fun would begin. Out came the games! Usually everyone took part except for my poor Gran because she was usually ready for a nap by then, bless her. The atmosphere was wonderful, lots of laughter and frivolity and once the grown ups had decided it was time for a rest and another sherry; on went the TV and we all sat together to watch the Christmas specials such as Morecambe and Wise and of course, the Queen’s speech.

Those Christmases were truly memorable …

So, to everyone who is reading my slice of nostalgia, I would simply like to wish you a truly wonderful Christmas. Remember folks these Christmases are what we eventually look back on with such fondness so make your Christmas truly special for those you care for. Go on, openly show your affection to the world and spread a little cheer, after all, it is Christmas!

Merry Christmas … Ho! Ho! Ho!