This Little Piggy Is Trying Real Hard!


Eat less, exercise more! That’s what everyone tells you when you go on a diet yet it isn’t quite that simple, is it? Losing weight is what makes those of us who like our food cringe and forces us to want to hide under the duvet so we can dream about food.

So how is this little piggy doing? Well, four weeks into my diet and so far, so good. I haven’t cheated at all, nor have I wanted to. Okay, I might have fancied a treat from time to time, something that isn’t allowed, but it hasn’t been overwhelming and I have managed to curb the cravings by thinking about getting into that dress for the wedding.

I’m doing the two-day diet which consists of:


2 eggs scrambled in the morning (no milk etc)

Mid-Morning Snack:

1 medium-sized banana so I don’t eat my own arm!


Haddock or salmon on a bed of lettuce surrounded by tomatoes and cucumber

Evening Meal:

Chicken Broth, made with the chicken left over from Sunday

You must drink plenty of water but only three cups of tea or coffee are allowed on these two days if you are using milk. However, you can drink as many fruit teas as you like or black coffee/tea.

I can’t deny it isn’t hard work but surprisingly I haven’t been hungry once. It’s just reprogramming your brain to not go to the cupboard when you just ‘feel’ like a snack. The point here is you know that when you do this it’s not because you’re hungry, it’s because you just ‘feel’ like a treat. I’m not ‘feeling’ like a treat quite so much now I’m pleased to say and knowing that I only have to suffer two days out of seven makes it much more bearable.

I still eat sensibly during the week and usually weigh myself on a Friday, only this week I was gutted to find I hadn’t lost any weight at all! This has definitely got to be the worst moment on any diet. You’ve played by the rules, done your penance and left those crisps alone and then you’re rewarded by – not losing an ounce of weight.

How many of you out there are so consumed with despair that you went straight into the kitchen and broke your diet by reaching for a biscuit? I know I have in the past but this time I stopped myself because I am determined to succeed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s never easy but I knew that if I cheated at that very moment I would be right back to square one and I had worked too hard to give up on myself. So, I dragged myself into the bedroom and plopped myself very dejectedly onto the bed. My husband asked me what was wrong although I could tell from his expression that he had already guessed the answer.

‘I haven’t lost a thing,’ I whined, adding, ‘and I’ve been sooooo good.’

‘Have you done any exercise this week?’ he asked, raising an eyebrow. I turned away (I didn’t like this question or where it was about to lead).

‘No,’ I replied, practically under my breath, ‘but I do a lot of running about at work,’ I continued, sounding a little defensive, ‘and I’m always on the go.’

‘Well, it clearly isn’t enough,’ he reasoned, giving that look which says he wasn’t surprised. ‘You know you need to get on the TREADMILL.’

Oh no, he’d said that terrible word … Treadmill!

I knew he was right though and that I couldn’t put it off any longer. The truth is I cannot run to save my life – well, maybe in a situation where there was a group of assassins about to kill me I might make the effort but on a daily basis my lungs just don’t appreciate the lack of oxygen.

Reluctantly I headed for the dreaded Treadmill. My workout goal was to complete at least 20 minutes fast-paced walking. To my surprise, it wasn’t so bad once I was on the machine (it’s just getting on that’s the hardest part) but once I had warmed up (whilst listening to some great tracks), I was pleased to find I had actually done thirty minutes and burnt off 200 calories. Filled with anticipation, a couple of days later I weighed myself again and … bingo! I had lost just under 2lbs.

A RESULT AT LAST!!! 11 stone 5lbs (and a quarter)! Now only 1 stone and 5lbs (and a quarter to go)!

Now that I am seeing some results, I’m doing half an hour on the treadmill every day although I am having at least one day off a week to rest my poor legs.

My goal is it realistic? I certainly hope so!


Expert Nutritionist Says: Five Foods to Avoid

Concentrated Orange Juice (this also includes ANY concentrated fruit drinks)

Margarine (this is very bad for you. If you need a spread, use butter – yes, butter as this is a natural fat and as long as you are sensible, your body will be able to burn it off)

Wholewheat Bread – Switch to wholegrain, this is far less processed and will be good for you

Soy Products

General Modified Corn on the Cob or anything that’s GM for that matter

Tips on keeping yourself focused

If you’re trying to lose weight, I recommend writing down what you eat. Why? Because it works! I find that if I see what I’m actually eating it helps me to keep focused and not cheat.

Sometimes the scales will not be your friend, so you should set goals that are within your control, ditch the diet drinks and have at least a four-day-a-week walking plan. When you are happy, step it up.

Another good idea is to make it public. If more people are aware you are trying to lose weight the less chance you are to give up. Share your struggles with your friends because they will WANT you to succeed. Don’t hide away and diet alone because those who care for you will want to support you as much as they can and be genuinely pleased for you when you finally reach your goal weight.

Okay, so I’m still on track and burning fat! See you next week and let me know how you’re doing on your own diets!