This weeks Special Guest Is … Paul Wigmore

Welcome everyone, today I have with me my special guest, Paul Wigmore whose book, “The Tapestry” has been said to be a little on the dark side …

Paul’s Genre … Fantasy/Horror (Excerpt Can Be Found Near The Bottom Of The Interview)


Pauls Biography …

I was born in Coventry in 1975 but have lived in Manchester since I was 13. I have three wonderful children and also run my own business which is a firm of surveyors with my two business partners. My dream would be to make a career from writing. I would love to be able to stay at home just putting my thoughts and twisted tales down on to paper all day.

So, let’s learn more about you.

Paul, what was the first piece you ever wrote?

The first piece I ever wrote believe it or not was “The Tapestry”. I began writing this story many years ago, I just kept stopping and starting because, although I love writing, I just couldn’t seem to find the time due to work etc… Everyday life was getting in the way basically. I left it alone for a few years and then decided a year ago that I was either going to finish it or give up. I’m so glad I decided not to quit on it. Although it needed a complete re-write.

How much do you feel you’ve improved in the last few years?

I remember my writing style changing so much as I was writing. I had to keep going back and changing the beginning as it just didn’t quite cut it anymore. I think I’ve improved quite a lot since I started taking my writing seriously and I hope to keep improving. I am very happy with the beginning of “The Tapestry” now. It bears no resemblance to what I started with all those years ago.

Where do you get most of your ideas?

I take my ideas from everyday life and mould it into something different, a little bit dark and twisted. I’m constantly asking myself, what if that happened. Or what if this happened? And how could I put a horrific twist on it.

What is your favourite theme or element in writing?

I guess my favourite theme is the element of surprise. When I’m reading, I like to be shocked and amazed by the twists and turns of the storyline. So I try to create this myself as you will see there are quite a few surprises and unbelievable twists in “The Tapestry” that really do keep you wanting to turn that page.

What is your favourite place for thinking?

Well, when I wrote this novel I had a very large basement which I turned into my study. I had my bookshelves down there with all my creepy horror books on them and my macabre posters on the wall. It was great for writing and coming up with new ideas. A good walk in the countryside is also a great place to get those creative juices flowing.

How old were you when you first started writing?

I think it was as far back as 19 or 20 years old.

Why do you think your writing is so dark?

Well, I read my first horror novel when I was fourteen which was “Four Past Midnight” by Stephen King. From that moment, I was hooked. Nothing else interested me. I love to be immersed in a world of fantasy and horror so I think that is why my writing has such a dark element to it.

What is your favourite thing you’ve written?

“The Tapestry” so far.

Who is your favourite character(s) in your book?

I have to admit, it’s a toss up between Gavin and Saul. Gavin is a victim of circumstance and due to his dark childhood he makes an outcast of himself in later life. This is why it’s so easy for Saul to influence him and feed on his internal demons. This makes him become the nastier darker side of “The Freak” which he has been labelled all his life.

Saul is just a bloodthirsty Demon with absolutely no conscience or feelings whatsoever unless you count lust … But that’s what I like about him.

What scene in your writing has made you laugh the hardest or cry the most?

When Clara is shown by the dragons what will happen to the world without her help. She is shown a family of pigs spit roasting a human being in a field as if they were on a family picnic. Also, the man running after his own head after it was chopped off by a runaway lawnmower driven by a dog monkey. It was a little insight into hell on Earth and strangely enough the scene really made me chuckle.

How do you beat out your writers block?

I find the best thing is just to write something … anything. I usually have to come back and change it later. I also try to have notepads and pens handy in case of emergency for when that creative dam breaks whilst on the train or something.

What are your future plans? I understand you are writing a second book? Tell me something about it.

I am hoping to have my next novel finished before the end of the year as long as the gremlins leave my laptop alone. It is a sequel to “The Tapestry” and is more focused on where this magical tapestry came from and who made it and why. It is set a few years after the events of Trident Hill and Saul will be up to his old tricks again.


The Synopsis

Until he died, Gavin had never been able to defend himself against the bullies that had tormented him throughout his childhood into his adult life.

It was only once he had sold his soul to Saul, ‘The Bringer of The Black Plague’ that he became the man he should always have been.

Saul was the mightiest, most bloodthirsty demon ever to wander the wasteland of Hades. Even challenging the throne of Adromoloch himself, he wasn’t done yet though. He just needed Gavins’ soul.

The only one able to stem the flow of evil about to erupt from the sulphuric forest of ash beneath our feet is the psychic Clara. But can the dragons help her to ‘become’ in time to save the children?

“Ring a ring o’roses

A pocket full of posies

Atishoo!, Atishoo!

We all fall down.”

A truly horrific tale which will turn your blood cold and bring a tear to your eye, so settle yourself down for the night…but don’t forget to leave the light on.

Where you can find out more about Paul’s book and relevant Links:

Exerpt from “The Tapestry”

Gavin found his new powers were even stronger than he had dared imagine. The first place he went to was a bar named The Fiddlers Green in Levenshulme. It was almost as if he were a celebrity, everyone wanted to be his friend. The reason for this is because he charmed a spell so that every woman saw their perfect man when they saw him, and every man saw the man they wanted to be.
He ordered a double brandy and took in his surroundings. It was obviously an Irish bar, that was a given from the name. It was quite a large bar which appeared to have two floors although the top floor seemed to be a balcony of sorts. Although he had lived in Levenshulme for many years now, he had never been to The Fiddlers or any other pub for that matter. He had lacked the confidence before… but now… well, now he could feel the confidence oozing from his pores. He felt as if nothing could go wrong. It was like electricity shooting through his veins, in fact he felt like… a god.
He went and sat at one of the few empty tables near the karaoke machine. It seemed like the rejects from x-factor were out in force tonight. There was a bit of a no hoper on at the moment, some young doleite he thought. Giving his rendition of Chris de Burghs classic “The Lady in Red”, which Gavin thought should be re-titled “The Lady Is Deaf” for this particular performance. It had been so long since he had enjoyed the sweet taste of his favourite poison. He sipped slowly whilst watching the next victim getting ready to make an absolute fool of himself.
There was a gaggle of girls drinking at the far end of the bar nearest the karaoke area. They were looking over to Gavin and they all seemed awestruck. It looked like they were daring each other to go over and speak to the stranger. He saw this and was amused as he could will any one of them to come to him right now without uttering a word, but he was enjoying the game so he let it carry on for a little while.
Sandra couldn’t help wanting to go and talk to the man, she was on a night out with the girls and they had made a strict pact of no boys tonight. It was due to Becky’s recent harsh treatment from her now ex boyfriend Marcus. It seemed he was only with her for a free ride as he was unemployed and always sponged off her. After her recent layoff at the paper shredding company she had worked at for the last six months he unceremoniously dumped her and moved in with one of her friends (also ex now) and will undoubtedly repeat the cycle again with her. So tonight was about getting Becky out and having a bit of fun, in fact getting wasted was more like it if Sandra and Shelley had anything to do with it. Boys were off the menu for this evening but, there was something about that guy. He hadn’t said a word to anybody since he came in apart from Jackie behind the bar and that was just to order a drink. She didn’t know what it was but she knew everyone was talking about him, asking who he was, where had he came from?
Unaware she was doing it, she was biting her bottom lip and her breathing had become heavier whilst gripping the top of the bar stool she had perched herself on since she had seen him, she could not seem to take her eyes off him. The air around her seemed to be getting denser as if it were closing in on her which was making her breathing heavier. She could see he was looking straight at her and (were his eyes purple?) his eyes seemed to be drawing her in but she felt rooted to the spot. She had never felt like this before, she felt intoxicated with something but it wasn’t alcohol, she could hear her own heart beating rhythmically in her head. The music and the chatter in the bar became muffled. There was a new aroma too; it was a heavy and sickly sweet scent which was so thick she could actually taste it and with every breath was making her feel more drawn to this strange intoxicating man that she had never seen before tonight.
Shelley brushed her leg on the way down, she had also been in this weird trance like state gazing into the stranger’s eyes but her heart had not quite been strong enough, at least not strong enough to substitute alcohol for blood as that is all they would find in her veins when they did the autopsy. Her blood had somehow been replaced with alcohol. (When they tested they would find that it was Courvoisier VSOP). Sandra hardly noticed this; all she did see was Becky. She was moving towards the stranger as if to go and sit with him. That broke her free from her trance, she felt as if she had been released and the only thing on her mind was that Becky wasn’t having him. In her mind she had already staked the flag saying MINE.
There was no conscious thought of what happened next, it just happened. She threw herself at her friend screaming “get away, get away bitch”. The friends fell to the floor scratching at each others eyes and necks. The crowd in the bar seemed not to notice them at all. One chap even stepped over them to get to the karaoke area as he was next up to sing.
Becky’s broken glass inserted nice and smoothly into the soft skin of Sandra’s neck. Becky twisted it and plunged it further in till Sandra’s screams were nothing more than gargles as blood poured from her neck and out of her mouth onto Becky’s face.
By now Sandra should have been dead in a bloody heap on the floor of the bar but somehow she still had the energy inside her to ensure that if she wasn’t leaving with the stranger then neither would Becky. She pulled at the large piece of glass that was embedded in her neck till it was free. It took three full force stabbing motions into her friends stomach before she realised she was dying…and she was killing her friend.
The strange man smiled at her as he got up and walked out of the bar. It was no longer a sexy smile.

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