Challenge – A story in less than 100 words…

I thought my followers might enjoy this challenge set by Patricia M Osborne.

Patricia M Osborne

Thank you to my latest writer, author, Lynette Creswell, who has taken up the challenge to write a story in less than one hundred words. Lynette has written a lovely nature story titled, The Butterfly. You can read her story below. If you’d like to know more about Lynette’s writing, visit here.

The Butterfly

I hear the call of nature. The pond is still, the breeze gentle. I’ve grown to bursting point. I take a deep breath and expand my body. The soft silken thread rips in two. I break free. The heat from the sun is welcoming, its yellow rays flicker across my back. I shiver. The dampness around me evaporates. I lift my wings as they dance on the breeze. The stillness is broken. A shadow, a flash of brown and green. The leaf shudders and I turn to fly away. As I ascend, a long thin tongue flicks…

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