This Week’s Guest … Leon Opio

Welcome everyone to this week’s author interview. I always enjoy meeting new authors and today I have the pleasure of having with me Mr Leon Opio who writes paranormal, horror and YA.

Leon’s Biography …


I’m married to a great woman named Tabitha, and have two daughters Alexis 21 and Arlene 14. I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY and have been living in Delaware for the last 10 years.

Tell me something about the books you write and the reasons why you write these kind of books.

The reasons why I write horror and paranormal is because I enjoy these types of genres in both books and movies. The reason I write YA is because I like to write stories for young adults that have a positive message behind them regarding issues that young people are going through now such as bullying and teen suicide.

What is the name of your book?

“Vengeance is Mine”

Is your book self-published or published by a mainstream publisher?


Now let’s talk about you…

Leon, what made you start writing?

I had many stories, ideas that came to me and I decided to put them down on paper. Every time a new idea came to me I wrote it down. When I realized I had several stories I decided to expand on each of them. I get a lot of pleasure in knowing that I can bring my creative ideas to life.

Your book “Vengeance is Mine” sounds very dark, could you tell me a little bit more about it?

Four people are being held captive in four separate rooms. They are each responsible for the same crime and will endure their own private hell. Whilst in these rooms they will re-live the acts which have brought them together. They will each endure fear and pain and will come to understand how it feels to yell for help and have no one come to their rescue. Even though the bible states, “Forgive us the wrongs that we have done, as we forgive the wrongs others have done to us,” the one I own is missing in those pages. As the day goes by and the night sets in, I smile at the thought of the truth my guests will endure, but by the end of their journey they will all fully understand that Vengeance is Mine.

Where do you get the ideas for your stories?

My ideas come from things that I see or experience and then my imagination kicks in and I add a slight twist to make it scarier or just creepy.

How do you form your characters? Are they people you know or are they completely made up?

I make up all the characters for each story.

What triggers inspiration in you?

I believe I have a creative, imaginative mind and I like to put those thoughts on paper to share with others. Some of my other stories I hope to release soon which will have a message for young people that are dealing with bullying or other youth orientated social issues.

What writers do you admire and why?

I like James Patterson and Stephen King as they are tremendous story tellers. Their stories can make you feel like you are personally involved in the story.

Tell me something that scared you enough to write about it.

I knew people back in my old neighbourhood that used to believe in the occult, So I have been working on a story dealing with some of those incidents that I observed that were very interesting and scary.

Have you suffered any paranormal experiences yourself?


What is your next project?

My next project is a young adult paranormal story titled “Second Chance” which I’m hoping will be out by September 1, 2013.

Please tell us what you are up to and add any dates of book signings/events that you might be attending soon.

On July 6, 2013 I will be attending a Meet and Greet along with nine (9) other Authors at Acorn Books 1030 Forrest Avenue, Suite 114 Dover, DE 19904. On Oct 19, 2013. I will be doing an autograph signing at the Hockessin Book Shelf 7179 Lancaster Pike, Hockessin, DE 19707.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about writing a horror story?

Be creative; don’t be afraid to try something different. The objective for me with horror is to make the reader unwilling to put the book down because they want to know what is coming next.


Excerpt from the book “Vengeance is Mine”

“As she glances towards them, she notices what’s attached to her left ankle. A large metal shackle screwed on with an Allen bolt chained to a leg from the bed. Her mind races in panic and the only thing that makes sense to do right now is rub her eyes, hoping it’s all just an illusion. Once her vision fades from blurry to clear, she’s bare to the fact that she’s in reality. Instantly, she begins attempting to slip the shackle off her ankle and stops as she feels her skin roughly tearing and spots her blood trickling down toward the heel of her foot. Giving up on the restraint for now, she starts furiously tugging at the chain, praying she has the strength to rip it from its holder.”

Thanks for dropping by today Leon and sharing a little about your work and what makes you tick. I look forward to seeing your new books out to buy and good luck with “Vengeance is Mine”.

How to find Leon’s Book – “Vengeance is Mine”