Starlight Author’s Aid Australia


Today I am very privileged to be supporting another author on her quest to raise money and awareness for the Starlight Children’s Foundation,  a charity which supports many terminally ill children and their families. Tania contacted me to explain how she was organising a Starlight Day and needed a helping hand with promoting the event.  Tania is an author herself having written The Tier of Eternal Grace and she therefore called upon her writing buddies to try to gain support for the event.

I thought it might be a good idea for people to find out more about Tania and the reasons why she got involved with Starlight …

Interview With Author Tania Elizabeth

Tania, what made you get involved with Starlight in the first place?

Being a mother myself of three beautiful children, and having seen first hand what some of these children are dealt with on a day to day basis, and yet seeing the strength and courage they each maintain, I felt the need to not only donate my time, but to also help raise much needed funds.

What is the goal amount of money you are hoping to raise for the charity?

Our hope is to raise at least $1100 from the Starlight Author’s Aid.

How does Starlight work?

The Starlight Children’s Foundation transforms the experience of hospitalisation and treatment for seriously ill children and their families Starlight is the only children’s charity with a permanent , physical presence in very major paediatric hospital in the country. A big part of this is also granting these beautiful young minds, their most treasured wish come true.

How is the money spent?

Starlight delivers a range of innovative programs, built on the World Health Organisation’s social model of health, to support the well-being and resilience of these seriously ill children and their families.

Starlight programs are integral to the total care of seriously ill children – while the health professionals focus on treating the illness, Starlight is there to lift the spirits of the child – giving them the opportunity to laugh and play and be a child again.

Does Starlight support the families of these children or just the child?

Yes, supporting the families is an integral part of their Foundation.

As an author yourself how have you found the response from other writers whom you approached?

I have been incredibly overwhelmed with the response. For just as yourself, they have each given up some of their precious time in order to help raise awareness and much needed funds for such a great cause. I am eternally grateful to all who have and are assisting me with the Starlight Author’s Aid.

What, if anything has surprised you?

I don’t know if you would say surprised as such. Though I am humbled by how many beautiful and divine souls there are out there. However, I have been also been placed in a position of gratitude for those who do not have blogs, are radio hosts, etc, but very graciously purchased my book, The Tier of Eternal Grace, so that they could then post a review. For this also adds to the Fundometer.

What, if anything has disappointed you?

Again, I wouldn’t say disappointed. Though I am hoping to see some further direct donations made by others over the course of this event.

If you find your campaign is a success (which I am sure it will be) will you do it all again next year?

Absolutely. Though next year and every year there after, I will fund the event for another upcoming author. Not only does it allow their work to be noted, but it allows them to be involved in a cause that speaks to many a hearts.

What have you learned from this experience?

As with every lesson in life . . . Gratitude. For to see the valor of these children. For them to often be the strength of even that of their parents is unbelievable. It only makes you appreciate all that we have. It allows us to see, that life is a grand journey, and to be sure that we make every minute count.

Thus, to all I ask your further assistance.                                                                                   Help us raise these funds for the Starlight Children Charity. Through the Starlight Author’s Aid, there are two ways in which people can help.
It is very simple. 

People may either simply host, review or interview myself/my book via a blog post, amazon, newspaper, radio, TV within a 21 day window frame, between the dates of Friday 12th of April and Friday the 3rd of May. For every appearance, I personally donate $1 to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. 

If any of you could help, I would be so grateful. If you could connect me with anyone else who would be happy to interview, do a short post or review on myself/my book, I would be ever so grateful more.

As mentioned earlier, I am also asking for donations, even $1, which you may do direct via this link.

You may also follow our progress on the Starlight Author’s Aid Facebook Page.

Please share and pass this along to all. Let’s make this a huge affair and raise much needed funds for a very worthy cause.

My heartfelt thanks to all.

Love, Blessings and Faerie Kisses always xo

For more information on Tania Elizabeth herself, and her trilogy The Tier of Eternal Grace, you may follow these links.