Jon Pew’s Cover Reveal

Jon Pew just revealed his cover for an awesome new book!!!

admin-ajax smallThe stories of vampires and werewolves tell romantic tales of intrigue, danger and beauty. The truth is much more terrifying. Not only do these creatures not exist, the reality of True Immortals is a harsh memory that humanity has chosen to forget. In the beginning of time, Adam’s eldest defied God, killing his brother. The murder echoed throughout eternity giving birth the race of immortals, who soldier through the war of the great adversary with God. The world’s existence depends on the outcome of one family’s choice for good or evil. The players and origins have come to light. Who are the True Immortals and what part to they have in Genesis?

jon-pew-225x300About the Author:

Jon Pew, I was born in Tucson Arizona and am a proud father of three awesome kids and married to the most beautiful woman born. I am a life long fan of entertainment in all its forms. I love watching movies, reading and listening to books and spending time with my family. I am a faithful member of the LDS Church and proud soldier in the United States Army presently stationed at FT. Campbell Kentucky home of the Screaming Eagles. I have been an Entrepreneur most of my life and have tried my hand in many small businesses over the years. I joined the service in 2009 and wrote my first novel in 2010. My overall philosophy in life is Play to Win, so if you have a dream be proactive and go get it! You can find me on the web on my Website, and Facebook.